Learn to box here and start your Boxing journey today.

Footwork & The jab

To learn to box you must start with the basics! Learn everything you need to know about a proper boxing stance, boxing footwork, and the most important punch in boxing, the jab.

The Rear hand

The rear hand first power punch you will learn. Whether you're right handed or a lefty, this is where learning to box becomes fun. Learn how to make your rear hand the great equalizer. It may never be on the level of Deontay Wilders' but we can still turn you into a ko kid!

the uppercut & hook

The most difficult punches in boxing to master. The hook and the uppercut may also be the most rewarding. Build off the solid foundation you've built and add these game changers to your arsenal.

General boxing Skills
Boxing for MMA

Anything we missed, we'll cover it here. Along with the best approaches for the boxer learning mma. Round out your skill-set with these general tips.

Why Boxing?

More accurately, why combat sports?  Combat sports are the oldest athletic endeavor known to man.  It’s the most pure sport in existence.  

The journey...

The journey to becoming a combat athlete is the most important part of competition.  You will learn more about yourself in the 8 weeks before you get in the ring for the first time than you have in your entire life.  

Remember, the result matters, but you control the journey.