Floyd Mayweather Tears Into McGregor Following UFC 257 Loss

One would think that after 4 years and over an estimated $400 million in fighter purses, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor could at least find a way to be cordial to one another. Mayweather’s comments after McGregor’s loss this past Saturday to Dustin Poirier should put any of those thoughts to bed.

Referring to MGregor as “Con Artist McLoser”, Mayweather went on a rant of epic proportions. He called Mcgregor “A loser in his own sport” and criticized the potential bout with Mcgregor and Manny Pacquiao as “my leftovers eating leftovers”.

Mayweather alluded to race being the underlying factor as to why Mcgregor is able to exhibit certain behaviors that he himself is scrutinized for.

Floyd’s rough childhood, and his ascension to becoming the richest fighter the sport of boxing has ever seen should be lauded. His claims of racism in this instance are off base though. Has Conor made questionable comments regarding race? Absolutely. During the build up to their fight, he repeatedly referred to Mayweather as “Boy” and remarked he was half-black “from the waist down”.

Those comments should not be ignored, and certainly should not be forgiven.

However, if Floyd Mayweather wants to examine why he is not given the recognition he craves, he should simply look in the mirror. His inside the ring record might be unblemished, but outside the ring, multiple issues of domestic abuse against women and lack of accountability has marred his legacy.

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