Terence Crawford Makes Quick Work of Kell Brook, Retains WBO Title

It did not take Terence Crawford long to get Kell Brook figured out, but once he did, he wasted no time in dissecting and dismantling him.

At the offset of the fight you could clearly see Brook’s strategy. He was using his jab to control distance and keep Crawford out of comfortable punching range.  He jabbed accurately to the head and body and handcuffed Crawford momentarily. The second round was more of the same, with Brook maintaining his discipline and not allowing Crawford to get his offense off. After 2 rounds, Brook was ahead and was fighting a very tactical fight. Round 3, Crawford switched to his trademark southpaw stance, which helped him neutralize Brook’s jab, while also opening up his offense. He was able to land some effective counter shots and some good hooks, which won him the round.

During an exchange in the fourth round, Brook threw a jab and Crawford countered over the top with a short hook. That shot sent Brook across the ring. “Bud” followed him across the ring, and landed another combination which caused referee Tony Weeks to step in and start the count for the first official knockdown of the fight. Brook was allowed to resume at the count of 8, but the writing was on the wall. Crawford stalked across the ring, and unleashed a flurry of punches that went unanswered by Brook, which prompted Toney Weeks to step in and stop the fight. Officially the fight was stopped at 1:14 of the 4th round.

Brook who was gracious in defeat told ESPN’s Mark Kriegel “I obviously got caught with a shot I didn’t see, and the referee waved it off”. This is Brooks third loss of his 16-year career, with all three coming by way of a stoppage. 

With this win, Terence Crawford makes the fourth defense of his WBO welterweight championship. This is also his eighth straight stoppage victory in a row.

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